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Welcome to the International Egg Art Guild.

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The International Egg Art Guild (IEAG) is a non-profit association of artists, artisans, and craftspeople who work with natural eggs (yes, real eggs) as an art or folk art medium. The purpose of the IEAG is to promote egg artistry, raise the quality of the art to the highest level and develop public interest in the art through education, exhibition, and sharing.

Egg artists today use hatchery or farm grown eggs only. No eggs are taken from the wild. In fact, U.S. federal law prohibits the use of eggs from the wild.

Egg decorating has been around for centuries, and many of those early techniques and traditions are continued today by folk artist around the world. Pysanky, a wax resist method, uses geometric, plant, animal motifs and color to tell a story.

Another form of decorating was inspired by Carl Faberg, a Russian goldsmith who was commissioned by the Czar to make surprise Easter gifts for his family members. While Faberg used only the egg shape in his beautiful creations, many talented artist today decorate real egg shells in the style he began.

The advent of the drill or saw run by compressed air has resulted in many fanciful creations leaving very little of the original shell remaining.

Please check out the photo galleries to see more photos of decorated eggs.

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