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Benefits of membership:


The IEAG publishes a quarterly newsletter packed with designs, tips, the latest regional and local club news, and coverage of egg shows around the world. Each newsletter also contains sources for supplies, in-depth articles on egg artists and suppliers, Master's Program certifications, and reports to the members from the Board.

Newsletters are free to IEAG members.

Back issues, while available, can be purchased for :

Domestic:  $3 ($1 cost+ $2 shipping)

International: $6.50 ($1 cost + $5.50 shipping)

Master's Program

The Master's Program is designed to uplift the technical and artistic level of IEAG members by designing an egg in a specific category and having it judged against standards established for that category.

Design of the Month

Receive detailed instructions for creating a different egg every month. Annual subscriptions are available to IEAG members for:

Domestic :    $85.00

International : $91.00

IEAG Logo Pin

Domestic:  $ 8.50

International: $10.00


IEAG Member Directory

Domestic:  $ 13 ($11 cost + $2 shipping)

International: $16.50 ($11 cost + $5.50 shipping)


IEAG Tote Bag


Domestic:  $ 7.00

International: $10.50


IEAG Calendar


Domestic:  $ 12.00

International: $15.50


IEAG Member Display Sign

Plastic sign signifying that the displayer is a member of IEAG
(not available at this time)

IEAG annual membership dues are:
$30.00 Domestic
$40.00 International


The IEAG Membership Application and Change of Address Forms may be submitted electronically by clicking on the Member Info button below:

Dues may now be submitted online via PayPal by clicking on the Online Payments button below:
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