International  Egg Art Guild  


Vicki Barr

In 2002 a sweet couple from my church invited myself and my husband to come over for dinner. I was stunned at the beautiful eggs he had created. His children did not want to learn, so I quickly volunteered myself as his student. My first egg was a hinged emu jewelry box with a pink lining. After two lessons on the emu egg he became sick and died six weeks later, at the age of 86. I miss my old friend and am happy to continue what he started in my life.

Throughout the years I have tried to take as many seminars as possible as there is always new techniques and supplies. I enjoy the fellowship with my egging family as much as I do the show! As for my eggs - the majority end up at my mother's/gifts or used for charity fundraisers. I still have a few in my curio!

Thank you Linda for appointing me Membership Chair. I look forward to making more friends through IEAG.