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A local egg club or guild can be a great source of information about our art form. Club members may be able to direct you to shops in the area or local shows which display and/or sell decorated eggs. A local club is also the best way to get to meet local artists and see their work. In many cases a local club will be the only way to find teachers, supplies, or people to work with in your area.

Please select an area (state or country) to search for below and then click on the Search button to find clubs or guilds in that area. In many cases we are able to list someone to contact by phone, email, or letter post. If you are unable to contact someone from a club/guild listed, please email the IEAG Webmaster (click on the mailbox at the bottom of this page).

If an area you are interested in is not listed, the IEAG is not aware of any clubs or guilds in that area.

(Please Note: These clubs or guilds are not necessarily associated with the IEAG)  

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Club Presidents!
If you would like your club listed here (or the information we have is out of date), please send an email to the IEAG Webmaster with the appropriate information.


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