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      The Masters Program Packet is FREE to download from this site!
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Masters Packet
The Masters Program Packet has been completely revised.

In December 2011 a new mechanical category was added and other revisions were made throughout the packet.

In January 2012 a new packet was released.

The only difference between the December 2011 and January 2012 versions is the correction to the beaded category master level requirements that now reflect that the master level beaded egg must be cut in some manner.
 Do not use a Masters Program Packet with a date prior to January 2012

It is the aim of the Master's Program to further the art of egg decorating and to help all egg artists to develop to their fullest potential. It is designed to uplift the technical and artistic level of IEAG members by designing an egg in a specific category and having it judged against standards established for that category. The Master's Program is available to all members who are interested in a progressive certification of their egg art expertise. It is strictly a learning tool to help us achieve excellence in the art. Since any true art form needs to be certified, as evidenced by other art forms and their guilds, the Master's Program will be governed by the Executive Board of the IEAG.

The Guild's Master's Program is completely separate from any contest conducted at an egg show. Master's Program judging times and locations will be published in the International Egg Art Guild Newsletter and on this web site.

The categories are designed to allow the artist to have control over design and creativity. The artist is required to meet certain criteria within each category. The standards have been established specifically for the Program itself.

Certification levels are as follows:

  • Novice
  • Intermediate
  • Master
  • Master of Egg Art (after attaining a Master level in at least four categories)
  • Grand Master (after attaining a Master level in all categories)

The Masters Packet is available as a free download from this page (click on the PDF icon above) or the Packet can be obtained by mail from the IEAG for a fee.

The Masters Program is available to active members of the IEAG only. For entry requirements or further information, click on the mailbox below to send an e-mail to the Master's Program Coordinator.


Masters Program Representatives

Linda Asbell

Masters Program Director

The Masters Program Representatives will assist the Masters Program Chair
in conducting Masters Program judging around the country.